Pressure Washing

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Pressure washing is a great way to get rid of the Winter doldrums and Spring pollen. Our high-pressure washers also offer steam application for hard to clean or greasy surfaces, such as vent hoods in commercial kitchens or gas pads at service stations and convenience stores. And our concrete floor scrubber is ready to really clean areas of caked-on debris. Notice the tennis court pictures below. The left side is after being cleaned and the right side is before. Wouldn’t you be proud to have this much improvement at your house?

Need to re-paint your house but the existing paint is chipped and peeling? High pressure washing can help remove that splintering paint so your “prep time” for repainting is drastically cut. If your house, roof, awning, sidewalk, deck, driveway, boat, dock, swimming pool edging, pier, warehouse floor, storage facility, apartment complex, office building, or parking lot needs cleaning, call the expert:

Thames Lawn Care, Pressure Washing & Septic Services.

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